About the Journal

Kinesiology and Physiotherapy Comprehensive (KPC) is an open journal system (OJS) that publishes scientific content in three editions per year (April, August, and December) to promote clinical practice and research in physiotherapy.
We encourage students, doctors, and researchers to share ideas and knowledge related to physiotherapy in this journal. This journal is an excellent place to start a scientific career for budding researchers. All manuscripts submitted to KPC will undergo a series of assessments from our reviewers before publication. KPC will not accept all positive acts of plagiarism and will repeat the submission of the same manuscript.
As part of the submission process, authors are required to check author guidelines. Submissions may be returned to authors who do not comply with the guidelines. For submissions, authors need to register an account on the journal site and log in to begin the process.



The Open Journal System (OJS) is a journal publication and management system created by the Public Knowledge Project as part of a federally supported initiative to improve and improve research access. The Public Knowledge Project is a multi-university effort to improve the quality and reach of academic publications by producing (free) open-source software and conducting research. This journal recognizes the innovation and teamwork of the Public Knowledge Project in building and continuously improving OJS. Please visit the Public Knowledge Project's official website to learn more and support the project's efforts.


Aims and scope:

KPC shares studies in multidisciplinary health fields, including anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, physical therapy, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, sports education, and sports science and medicine. KPC's goal is to contribute to developing evidece-based in kinesiology and physiotherapy area by improving the quality of research in the related fields.


Content ownership, copyright, license, and permission:

Authors transfer copyright to publishers after a paper is published, but we grant certain rights to their authors (the ability to reuse some of the paper in future works and the ability to distribute any number of copies) under the terms of the license and regulations under the Creative Commons Attribution license-BY.


Spelling and grammar error check with:

Grammarly® Premium


Archiving policy

KPC on digital archiving policy to Garuda.


Screening for Plagiarism Policy:

KPC has a policy of screening for plagiarism. To verify the article's authenticity, we utilize the anti-plagiarism program "Turnitin."


You are free to:
Share - Copy and redistribute content in any media or format you like. As long as you respect the terms of the license, the licensor cannot cancel this freedom.
All authors are free to submit and are free to publish only qualified authors without grants or funds from any institution, government, organization, university (Evidenced by a letter from the Head of Department, Dean, or Chancellor) and H-Index and high citations.


Our review process can take anywhere from 14 to 60 days.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the shipment:

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